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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Breaking Free From Your Core Lies - Determining Your Core Lies

I hope that those of you who are seeking to break free from your core lies have been keeping your journal of emotions. If you haven't started yours yet, start. I can't show you what your lies are, only God can with your willingness to be set free. The journal is the place to begin.

If you remember in the introduction of this series, I wrote about how we are all emotional, rational, and volitional beings. Today we are going to focus on how we rationalize - what we think (believe) about ourselves. The first thing we must do if we are going to be free of our core lie is to figure out what it is. Below is a list of lies that people believe. I want you to see if any prick your heart. You can add to the list.

  1. I am bad
  2. I am not good enough
  3. I am a failure
  4. I am stupid
  5. I am wrong
  6. I am ugly
  7. I am not wanted
  8. I am not in control
  9. I am lazy
  10. I am of no value
  11. Your turn to start naming some...

If one or any of these stands out to you as a lie you may be believing, circle it. If you are having trouble identifying your lie here, ask God to show you - this is really where your journaling comes into play.

Continue to write down in your journal when you are angry, anxious, depressed, or fearful. Don't forget to write what "set you off" in these emotions, or the circumstances surrounding them.

Tomorrow we will look at what you have written so far - what is behind your emotional reactions.

What Is Behind Our Emotional Reactions?


Lisa said...

This is a great list to begin with. Some already jumped out at me, and I'll spend some time praying to see what God has to reveal to me in this area.



Anonymous said...

I wrote down a few things [in the journal I won here!]. I'm a little fearful of what might be revealed. Is that bad? lol

It's wierd, because I don't feel like I'm walking in freedom...even though I know I'm free. Does that make sense?

Friend Chick said...

The "out of control" one really stands out to me. I worry constantly about the unknown and things that I have no control over. I pray about them, but still worry. In my head I know this is Satan's threshold into my soul, and yet, I continue to allow it to happen.

Anonymous said...

What about "all of the above"...I feel like ALL of those can apply to me, especially with the week i have been having...

Can't wait for the rest of the seires~

Anonymous said...

This is great! I think that it's great to address these lies and allow God to deal with them! It's so freeing! Thanks again!


Pajama Mama said...

I felt God revealed a core lie the first time I asked him to-the idea that if I try harder next time, I can do better-or get it right. like there is no need for grace, just more endurance and stamina...anyway, i'm sure there are more...i'll start a journal today...thanks!

Amanda Jo said...

I'll admit it. I forgot about my journaling. I will start tonight! :D

To be honest, I'm kind of afraid what kind of stuff an introspective study like this will dig up - BUT, if it brings me closer to God - it's all worth it!

I'm with "anonymous": ALL OF THE ABOVE! Ha.

Maggie said...

I guess we are in really bad shape if we could circle all of them and think of more!
We are starting a Bible Study titled "Me Myself & Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild so this series is perfect timing and obviously much needed.

Ehrenfelds said...

WOW! This really makes you think long and hard about yourself. I found your blog through a friend and I am so glad that I did. I am coming back for more!


Isabel said...

No. 2, no. 6 and no. 8 ...hmmm those do prick my heart!

HeathahLee said...

Ohhh, I'm so gonna need this!

How are you and the bebe?

Kristy K said...

I just wrote a letter to my husband last week about how I feel that I'm not measuring up and in it I told him that I've never felt good enough or that I deserved the blessings God has given me. So this is so pertinent to me right now (and I hate that! :)).

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Oh Sarah Mae - I wish I could say this was fun, but it is not! It's good though. I identified with three on the list (#2 is a big one)and think there may be another that I am on the brink of figuring out. Thanks so much for this series!

Hope you and baby and family are doing well!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I discovered this a few years ago, thank you Joyce Meyer, and how sad that I lived so long believing these lies about myself!! I try so hard to instill in my daughter that she is a beautiful creation of the Lord. Thanks for a wonderful post!

sara said...

Thank you for doing this series - I think it may help me deal with some things that I hadn't noticed before. Now where'd I put my journal?

(Congratulations on the beautiful little girl!)