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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 8 - Making Our Bedrooms Sanctuaries

31 Days to Clean

Tomorrow we will be looking at how to deal with distractions, but for today, let's just think "refuge."

I was inspired yesterday by A Little Loveliness when Melissa decided to make her bedroom a personal sanctuary.

This is what Melissa has to say about her experience with a neglected bedroom:

"Soon I realized how much my neglected bedroom was bringing me down. Rather than providing a nourishing place of refuge, my bedroom was actually draining me of energy and joy. Awaking to the site of my ironing board, my first waking thoughts were of the mountains of housework awaiting me. And I arose already feeling defeated."

Wow! I feel the same way when I wake up - defeated and overwhelmed. I want a personal refuge, a sanctuary where I can find rest, peace, and comfort. So...

Today's Challenge is:

Take back your bedroom!

Yesterday we worked on getting it cleaned up (that's okay if you didn't get to it, that's what today is for!) I want you to have renewed vision for your bedroom. We are going to spend today and tomorrow working on making this room a refuge.

I know this may be a huge project for some of you (me included), but let's do it! I'm not going to tell you specifically what to do because I don't want to add to your "overwhelmed" level. Just do what you can. Work hard and keep the goal (refuge) in mind. We will take today and tomorrow (plus you always have the weekend!) to work on this. Why so much time? Because we are going there. You know where, under the bed! And not only under the bed, but in the closet. We are going to clean them out and get it in order! Are you in? Good, because I really want to see some sanctuaries by the end of the weekend!

Need a little help figuring out where to begin or how to go about this? Check this out:

Making Your Bedroom A Restful Sanctuary (This site also has a TON of great organizing ideas!)

Need a little inspiration? Check out these bedroom sanctuaries:

Massinger Spa and Sanctuary
A Little Bit Country


American in Norway said...

Ooo.. Now I feel quilty about sitting here blogging... but you are so very right! Going to go up & get my bed made & things picked up so I don't hear the dreaded... "what did you do all day?"

Kimba said...
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Kimba said...

That deletion was me. Too many typos.

You are so right! I've always felt really strongly about keeping my bedroom a haven. It's so easy for it to slip away from me. The laundry piles up, the kids toys start collecting.

I've found that it helps if I make my bed as soon as I get out of it in the morning. The room looks instantly neater and I'm more motivated to keep it picked up.

Katy Lin :) said...

i'm really excited about this! i can't wait to get our bedroom all beautified!

scargosun said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this 31 days to clean thing. I am not sure that I can catch up from 8 days ago though. ;)

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

OK - gonna give it my best shot!

By the way, my bedroom has gradually improved because I have been following your advice on doing one load of laundry at a time and folding & putting away before doing more. No piles of clean laundry in there now!!

Melissa Lester said...

Wow, I can't wait to see how other people are able to create a personal retreat! And thank you for the links to my blog. I need to read your archives to pull the rest of my house together!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

I've been on the same mission! My bedroom has become the dumping ground for everything without a 'home'. I've posted a few times this month on my "Bedroom Retreat" and am looking forward to doing some more work on it.

Everychapter said...

Where's Mr Linky? Sorry Sarah Mae- I'm a dork and I can figure out how to link my Sanctuary pics (again!). But I did post the pics- go take a look. Oh how I would love to help you design your room...a mirror is always and inexpensive option and so is paint- just a strong color on the one wall behind your bed- or even stripes or a design (see mine). Have a nice day, thanks for hosting this, my house is coming together little by little!