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Monday, June 1, 2009

Motivate Me Monday! I Have A Lot To Write, So Please MOTIVATE ME!

I need you.

I need your motivation...I have a lot to follow-up on after this feminism post, this submission post, and this "comment" post. I am actually extremely excited to continue engaging in the conversation!


It is important for me to seek wise counsel, study the scriptures, and PRAY for words of wisdom before I write (because it's not all about what Sarah Mae thinks). I also want to be alert enough so that I can focus on communicating well. I am just too tired right now to give proper attention to these crucial subjects.

I REALLY look forward to reading your motivating posts today though, so please, MOTIVATE ME!
  • Share some advice, wisdom, practical applications, tips you've learned, etc. that you think would benefit and motivate others.

*Make sure to link directly to your MMM post and then link back here (you know, for the link love and all)!

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Trixie said...
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Trixie said...

I love your posts Sarah Mae. I'm looking forward to reading more of them :)


Anna said...

I will pray for you. I think it is important to take the time to really think these big issues through. And it is harder to know how things will come across in writing than in conversation.

Kendra Lee said...

Hey Sarah Mae - I appreciate your willingness to tackle these tough subjects in your blog. One thing we realize, as life goes on, is that we don't have all the answers - and that's why I appreciate blog dialog such as we have seen here. It's important to learn from God and His Word as well as from each other. Pray you have a great week!!

WhiteStone said...

I'm not a member of the MMM, but I think my post today is motivating. Rejoice! Because your names are written! In the book of life! Luke 10:20.

Gina said...

Pray you find some motivationa and encouragement today.

And yes, thanks for taking on those tough issues!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

That is why you do such a good job responding Sarah Mae - because you take the time to research and pray and think carefully about your words. It shows!

Keep up the great work you are doing!! We love you my friend!

maiahs_momma said...

Just found your blog a few minutes ago, great blog...love how you post :)! Also LOVE your banner for your blog too :)!
Whenever I am in need of motivation, I pray, I read the Bible, surround myself with my good close friends and of course have time to myself doing what I love to do. For Me that thing I LOVE to do is make my own handmade greeting cards.
Will keep you in my prayers :)!


Robin said...

We are praying for you as you pray, think and write. Keep looking to the scriptures for truth and wisdom.

Colossians 1:9-12

Michelle said...

I am wanting to say this, you are an amazing writer and I have loved your posts. I spend a lot of time processing, but girlfriend, you got it! Prayers being sent up the God continues to use you in this blessed way!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I didn't participate in MMM, but maybe me just popping in to say hi will do for now?! :)


Wisdom for Today said...

Did not participate this week but stopped by to visit --I will be back next Monday for sure!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

Tackling the BIG stuff with HIM---