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Monday, February 2, 2009

Gather With Me!

Gathering At the Well

Today is the day - the official launch of Gathering At The Well. Door prizes will be awarded, as well as a few prizes in wisdom as you seek a deeper relationship with the savior. Come join in for some refreshing time at the well.

Discussion Questions:

When you read the Scripture found in Titus 2: 2-5, how do you see this playing out in your own life?

For me, I crave the wisdom of older, wiser, godly, mature women. I want to learn and grow and emulate them and am always in passionate pursuit of a Titus 2 woman!

What are your areas of strength? Of weakness?

My strength is that I not only desire the counsel of Titus 2 women, I try my hardest to heed their advice and admonition. My greatest weakness is trying to find the perfect Titus 2 woman, but as we all know, there is no such thing - only God is the perfect one!

If you could set some sort of goal in relation to this Scripture, what would it be?

My goal is to be more intentional about meeting with an older, wiser woman. In fact, I know of one woman right now who I need to call this week.

To join in the discussion, head on over to At The Well!


Chelsey said...

"My greatest weakness is trying to find the perfect Titus 2 woman..."

Would that that woman existed!!! I do understand what you mean! :) Of course our ultimate example is the one set by Jesus Christ.

I have learned that He brings different women in my life at different with different Titus 2 strengths. So, I have realized that I will never find one woman that exemplifies perfect Titus 2 qualities, but that I can glean and learn from many different women along the way!

Thank you so much Sarah for being a part of this ministry and for sharing your heart today At the Well!

Laurie Ann said...

Great post! Wouldn't it be awesome to find the perfect Titus 2 woman? It's like chasing after the Proverbs 31 woman - our example is Christ in all these things, as Chelsey said.

Also, I just wanted to stop in and say congratulations for being one of the Internet Cafe's Top 100 Christian Women's Blogs of 2008! Your blog truly *does* bless!

Jen said...

I think that the hardest thing I've had to learn in the last year is that it is OK to ask for help. Not only that, I have had to learn to lean more on God first!

The woman in my life strive to be the Proverbs 31 woman as well as the Titus 2 woman. That is truly one of my goals as well. But baby steps. :-) Not one of us is that perfect woman yet and as Chelsey and Laurie Ann have said before me, Christ is our ultimate example.

Jenn said...

Trying to be the perfect Titus 2 woman is where so many of us find ourselves bumping up against that proverbial wall. All we can do is lay down at Jesus' feet, confess our weaknesses and ask for strength only he can provide.
Great post by the way!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Great answers! We can learn so much from godly women. And your constant striving to do better is always inspiring!

LAURIE said...

Glad that you joined us today over AT THE WELL. Christ has exemplified the traits that we should all seek out, none of us can perfect these traits but to me the heart of the "perfect Titus 2 woman" is one who is graceFUL - full of Gods grace. -Blessings, Laurie

tami said...

how blessed that you have someone to call!