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Friday, June 13, 2008

Why My Husband Rocks

The creative and inspiring woman of The Great Adventure, Katy Lin, has given us an excuse to publicaly honor our husbands with "My Husband Rocks! Friday." Before I give props to my man, I would just like to say, Katy Lin, YOU ROCK! Genius idea!

Now, on to my oh-so-good man 'o mine!

My husband Jesse is a hard worker. I can always count on him to provide for our family, take care of our home, and add value to it by his skills in woodworking and maintainance. I really appreciate this about him. If something is ever broken, he'll fix it. If I have an inclination for a stand for our washer and dryer, he'll make it for me (he did!) He is so creative and artistic with his projects, and he finishes what he starts. I have me a good, hard workin' man with a great work ethic, and that's only one of the (many) reasons my husband ROCKS!


Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Nice to meet you Sarah Mae. A handy husband is so easily taken for granted... and you're right - if he couldn't do all the work or wanted to, you would really notice the lack of it. Thanks for the comment you left on my post - will be checking back on your posts too.

Kat said...

My husband can fix anything, too. I'm constantly telling my children when they bring me something broken and I can't get it fixed, "Dad can fix it when he gets home." And he always does :)

Katy Lin :) said...

Jesse sounds great! thanks for joining us!

Scribbit said...

Perfect for Father's Day! What a nice thing to say about your guy.