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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cremation For Stuffed Animals?

My Childhood friend, "Teddy"

My dear neighbor Louise would like to have her old, loved-on-but-worn-out stuffed animals cremated.

She can't bear the thought of throwing them out, and certainly nobody will want them in their pitiful condition. So my question for you is, what do you do with your old, stuffed, smelly, probably germ infested childhood special friends?

(If only they could all just meet the nursery fairy and become real...)


Good & Crazy said...

Here I am as requested. As for the teddy bear fairy. I'm evil. I'd just toss it and tell 'em, went to heaven dear.

Or, you could wash it and put it in a large bin for grandkids and crap. I can hear it now. (Ew, thanks grandma, a disgusting germy bear, can I vomit now?).

Good luck.

And I added ya'll to the blogroll.

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I throw the old yucky ones away. Others I donate. I sounds so heartless huh?

Under the Florida Sun said...

Too cute. I never thought of cremation for stuffed animals.. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do my devotions in the morning after I send my DH off to work.

Do you have a specific post about what your doing? I couldn't find it..

Would love to join in..

Jaime said...

I've never heard of such a thing! Interesting idea, though.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the bean dip link!

Dawn said...

I have had a couple of my childhood teddies revamped - they are emptied of there stuffing washed in hot water and then dried and restuffed. Plus had to have the nose fixed and new eyes on mine now looks like new.... I had it done at a dolly hospital! I just couldn't part with them, I had loved them for so long - now they sit on my dresser. One of them is on the header of my blog.
Hope you don't cremate him!

Dawn said...

The smaller one is on my header but I did not have this ones nose fixed, I had a large Panda bear's nose fixed. This one was a mohair bear as well so is quite valuable and now clean - no germs here.

Anonymous said...

I can't bear to be without the cherished ones. I have my old less than fluffy friends all put away in the attic.

Kari Wright said...

My favorite friend came out of the attic a few weeks ago, now lives on our bed and even gets a few snuggles now and then. All the others that came out that day? Got offered to the kiddos, and the rejected ones went to good will. I had a hard time not defending to my little ones why they needed to love my old friends.

Katharyn said...

When moving from my father's house to a small apartment all except my favorite stuffed animal went into a large Rubber Made container and off to my in-laws, along with other boxes. I'm hoping the nursery fairy found the box, because when we came back for our stuff that particular box was missing!!! (my china dolls, the little puppy my grandmother gave me when I was only hours old, the cat that belonged to my departed God-mother... sigh). I'm so glad that I kept my teddy bear Sunshine with us!!!