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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Score! BabyLegs (Not What It Sounds Like!)

*The winner of last weeks Saturday Score of some yummy Homemade Gourmet is Allie Z. of Life in the Z Lane! {Happy dance} Contact me with your snail mail you lucky gal you! :)

This weeks Saturday Score is...


How stinkin' cute are these leg warmers?! I know! You can find BabyLegs at Mom4Life (along with other amazing mommy and kiddo stuff, including the New Native Baby Sling, which I won, and LOVE, thanks to a giveaway from Extravagant Grace!)

Check out these unique features of BabyLegs:
  • BabyLegs protect you little ones sweet little legs from wind burn and chill.
  • Feet remain free to allow for successful crawling, walking and dancing.
  • With BabyLegs, crawlers can roam free without rug burn!
  • They help keep socks on!
  • They fit most newborns through size 10 (for images of BabyLegs on children of several ages see below).
  • BabyLegs are fun to use as arm warmers too!
  • They help make diaper changes a breeze
  • BabyLegs keep legs warm year round
  • They provide light weight sun protection
  • BabyLegs make EC'n, diaper changing & potty training easier
  • Jazz up any dance class with BabyLegs
  • Make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion with BabyLegs!

The White Burst style of BabyLegs is up for grabs today...you can see them on my babes here:

Perfect for a three year old or a three month old (one size fits most)!

Now, I just have to share another cool thing with you about Mom4Life. Military moms, listen up! "Being a mom in a military family carries with it added blessings and difficulties. We want to honor the MANY sacrifices being made by these behind the scenes heroes around the country and let you know that WE APPRECIATE YOU! During the month of July any mom that is a military wife or is enlisted herself is encouraged to enter to win this amazing selection of USA made products valued at over $768.00." Go here to see all the details. Oh, and everyone else in July can get 4% off any made in the U.S.A. product!

Oh, and Mom4Life offers FREE shipping in the U.S. - no minimum order!!! I know, they rock.

Now, to enter this Saturday Score, dance your way over (you know, pretend you're in leg warmers and doing some awesome jig) to Mom4Life and check out all the fab stuff they have, including the bazillion styles of BabyLegs (because, even if you win, you'll want more!).

Oh, and if you're really cool and just want to be my friend, even though you won't get extra entries, you can subscribe to my blog here. It makes me feel all special. :)

(contest open to continental U.S. only)

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Candy Graber said...

I love baby legs! I hope I win, my baby girl desperately wants some!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Thanks for the military info. My husband is active duty Air Force.


Proverbs 27:19 said...

Thanks for the military info. My husband is active duty Air Force.


Holly Rutchik said...

just dug my baby legs out from under a bed to wash because you reminded me how much I love being able to throw them on BOTH the gals. Such a great thing to keep in the diaper bag too, in case it gets cool at the park....
Come check me out this week please,I am asking for prayers over at my blog!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Ahhh! I've been looking at these for baby #4! Mom4Life, by far has the best selection of colors that I've seen! I love the Spice striped pattern, but the sorbet ones caught my eye, too...too stinkin' cute!

Kristina said...

These are so cute! My daughter doesn't like to wear tights, so baby legs might be a good alternative.

Kristi_runwatch said...

ADORABLE! Thanks for the heads up about the military salute - I'll be passing that along to friends, for sure!

Frugal Femina said...

I would love these for my niece. Thanks!

TeriLynneU said...

These are great! My "dancing queen" loves legwarmers! Great Saturday Score. Oh & thanks for the military info ... passing on to my friends in military.

Jen said...

love those! I would love to win some for my daughter! :)


Anonymous said...

I would love to win Babylegs! I've been thinking about getting some for my 6 month old son. They would be perfect to keep him from scratching his legs when we're in the car (he has eczema). Awesome giveaway!

~SHANNON~ said...

Baby legs are the cutest idea ever! And you know what they would also be great for??? Babies that are starting to crawl! My 10 month old always has red little knees from the carpet- these would be perfect!

Thanks for the shot at winning:)

Shannon at:http://milkandcuddles.blogspot.com/

Melissa Cummings said...

Oh I love that site. Thanks for the link. I needed some smiles today. This morning I miscarried for the third time (so I'm in bed today, lovin the laptop) - thank God I have one gorgeous little boy who brightens up my days and reminds me of God's faithfulness. My little boy, by the way, would looooove that pair of BabyLegs. :)

mjbc07 at yahoo dot com

Marybeth said...

Love your blog. love the baby legs!

alexa said...

I LOVE BabyLegs! my little girl loves to wear them... and i love the potty training ease too.

HeathahLee said...

Was I just not aware they had such cute stuff back when I was prego with my Kiddo? No, they probably started having such cute stuff after we decided we were done! : )

I don't have a baby's legs to put babylegs on, but I have lots of friends who do!

{lauren} said...

I have been dying for some of these:) They are so cute!