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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Choosing Life

I just found out and I’m unsure and scared
Facing pressure and parents, it all seems so unfair;
Is there really something inside me so small and with life?
Could I really be a mother even if I’m not a wife?
I’m sorry little one, I just don’t know what to do;
I want to pretend you’re not there, but you are, aren’t you?
I wish it would just go away and be a bad dream
This feels like a nightmare, I just want to scream!
They tell me it’s no big deal, a clump of cells doesn’t need a tomb
But my heart tells me otherwise, there is a soul inside my womb
I learned you have a little heart that beats today
But I have to ignore it, otherwise what would they say?
I’m so young, I’d feel such shame if people knew
My parents would kill me, and he’s not ready too
I feel so alone, so lost and undone
All the pressure’s on me, and the weight is a ton
I’ll just go to that place and then it will all be through
I’ll go back to my life, never knowing you...

Listen to me, you don’t have to do it
I’ve been there and I know you can get through it
We have one chance at this life so do the right thing
Sacrifice for love and not regret anything
Don’t live your days knowing he never had a chance
To smell a sweet flower or feel the wind dance
You can be strong and you are not alone
One day he will thank you at how through adversity you shone


Amanda Jo said...

What a touching poem...thank you for sharing it with us.

I consider my son to be a survivor of abortion. His biological parents were heavy drug users, unmarried, unemployed, under 20 and without faith in God. By those stats, Ethan could have been an easy candidate for termination.

Instead his bio mom had mercy and the Lord poured His grace on Ethan and now my sweet hubby and I have a son.

Thank you for this post, it reminds me of what a blessing the Lord gave us.

HeathahLee said...

I was already teary after reading the poem (so powerful!), now I'm REALLY teary after reading Amanda Jo's comment!

Katy Lin :) said...

i got goosebumps when i read the poem, and they just continued reading the comments! thank you for sharing this!