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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 20 - Pictures

Going digital is great.

You get to see your pictures right away; it's like Polaroids on steroids! You can upload them and have them on your computer or a CD in no time. I have found only one problem...

I haven't had pictures developed since 1972.

Alright, so maybe I wasn't even born in 1972, but the point is, since going digital, I don't develop my pictures and I can't possibly be the only one (am I?). I have hundreds of pictures on my computer and Cd's, and only lonely photo albums waiting to filled with life.

Why develop?

It's great to have your pictures in albums on your computer, but what if your computer crashes and you lose everything? All those memories...gone. We're also talking space here. The more pictures you have, the slower your computer can become. You can put your pictures on Cd's, but then you can't look at them on a whim. I'm all about real albums with real pictures.

Perhaps you do develop your pictures. Perhaps you still use a...a...what the heck do you call non-digital cameras anyway? Maybe you have a drawer full of pictures like I do that are in desperate need of a real home. Today is the day.

Your challenge for today is to begin to develop and organize your pictures. For some, this may be a huge job (for scrapbookers, today is surely a free day for you!). I'm not expecting that you finish today, but at least get started. If you want to save some $, here are a few sites that offer free digital prints when you first sign up:

Snapfish (50 free prints)

Clark Photo Labs (30 free prints)

My Photo Album (20 free prints)

York Photo Labs (40 free prints)

CVS (50 free prints)

Have fun strolling down memory lane - but don't get too distracted!


petersonclan said...

Whenever I see photo developing at around 8 cents a photo, I upload all the good ones from the past few months (since I last did it). Usually I can find a deal every 3 months or so. Then I use a photo book where I can just pop the photos in, and voila... my simple version of scrapbooking. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. With almost 9 children, we get tons of cute photos, and I'll just never get around to wonderful layouts.

Digital scrapbooking is also fast, and you can print out the pages, so that is worth looking into also.

Kimba said...

Ohhhhh. That a big task! My computer is loaded with great pictures that I've never developed. I use an external hard drive to back up my computer so that I won't lose everything when the laptop croaks.

I have also done some great photobooks on Shutterfly. Much easier than scrapbooking, in my opinion.

Melissa Lee said...

Oh, now c'mon!

Y'all know I am not gonna organize my pictures. It's far more dramatic to wait for them to be lost when your computer crashes and then moan and wail until your husband agrees to take you back to Hawaii so you can take all the same pics again.

That's more my style.

You girls have a great blog here. I am so glad I stopped by. Thanks for coming and checking me out last week. Please come see me again.

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, me too! I haven't printed a single picture since my son was born. I actually saved up my Pampers Points and recently chose 250 free prints as my "prize". I also got like 20 free from Coke Rewards points. That should get me started!! But I always upload my pics to the Kodak website AND burn them to CD, so I don't rely on my computer.

Bobbi said...

Oh goody - thanks for the photo organizing tips! This is something I definitely need to do. I also would like to scan some of my 35 mm photos onto discs to I can use them on my blogs!

Katy Lin :) said...

i have years' worth of photos to develop! i've uploaded them to several different sites and just let them sit! i should really get on this! :) thanks :) have a great day!

Kat said...

"...wasn't even born yet in 1972..." Okay. I do believe you are 27 or something like that. So, I already knew you were a bit younger than myself. By why does typing out that you weren't yet born in '72 make me feel so old?

Anyway, I've been thinking that one of my projects this summer would be to give a home to the photos that are in a big box crammed under my bed. Yep. It's on my To Do List.

Anonymous said...

So, I need to do this, really I do. My husband wants/needs to get an external hard drive thingy because he is afraid he will lose the past 7 years of our life.

I need to get photo albums so I can print a few each week. In a perfect world, I will complete this, not so sure I can do this today....

Anna said...

I've been gone so long, have you forgotten me? ;)
I've been away visiting family and attending a wedding. During the trip, I sifted through the two years of pictures on this laptop, and burned a CD for relatives.
Last night, I edited the small number of photos from the wedding. I planned to ship them off to the bride today. But, as I finished, hubby pointed out that I'd made a fundamental mistake in the pixel-editing. I have to do it all again!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Great idea. I love to sit with an actual album and look through photos rather than seeing them on the PC screen. And it does worry me that if my PC crashes - photos and memories disappear!

I have only just discovered the wonders of emailing digital shots to be printed then they post them to me (I know - I was still living in the dark ages). So, I'm determined to send them off as soon as I've moved them to the PC from my camera - to save them building up over months without a printed pic in sight.