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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Softball Wife

My honey hitting a home run
Me (clearly having a bad hair day), "what's going on, what happened?"

You may have heard of "soccer moms" but are you aware of "softball wives?"

Perhaps you are one them yourself. If you are, you are aware, of course, that softball isn't just a game, it's a way of life for three months out of the year. It's a time when we "give up" our men on a certain weeknight (and some weekends) because softball is just something they really really...like.

I try to go to the games and support my man, but I rarely ever actually get to see him play. I am usually running after my 14 month old little boy (who isn't walking yet so he still puts everything in his path in his mouth) trying to stop him from eating everything in sight. Then there is the other one, the two and half year old, who wants to be pushed "bigger" every 26 seconds. In addition to chasing the little gravel eater and pushing the little thrill seeker, I have to watch to make sure the other kids aren't throwing balls or other random objects at my children...or running them over with various contraptions on wheels. It just so happens that the moment I turn my back from the game, my husband hits a home run, or does some other amazing softball feat. Immediately after the amazing play, without fail, his team members look at me gleaming with excitement and say, "did you see that?!" Um, no, I didn't...maybe next time. "Great job babe!" I shout, but I know that he knows I didn't see it. So what's the point? The last few games I just stayed home, put the kids to bed early and enjoyed just being with myself...

and the blogosphere, of course.

However, because I love my husband dearly, and I know he really like me at his games, I'm going to keep going, chasing my little rascals around, and making sure to almost see every home run!


Kristin said...

I'm also married to a softball fanatic. He plays Spring and Fall ball and just this summer he played in a Summer league (no weekend tournaments are allowed...that's where I have to draw a line). :) I have two children - one boy that is 8 and one girl that is 4. I can so relate with not being able to watch the games. Even carrying on a conversation with other wives is nearly impossible. But I can tell how much it makes my husband happy so like you...I just suck it up and yell out a "way to go" when I get a free moment! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! On our first date he took me to one of his softball games! That was 20 years ago, now we have a 15 year old daughter who plays fastpitch so I am still at the softball fields! She is a freshman and made the varsity team for her high school this year and is also on a travel team. My husband says he has got too old to play (even though he still trys every now and again) so he is one of the coaches for our daughters team. Gotta love it!! Angie

Bible Money Matters said...

My wife is a softball wife as of this spring. I'm playing in a men's softball league, and now am playing softball every thursday. The thing is my wife doesn't really mind because her women's bible study is the same night - so it works out just fine.

Make sure to let you man know how proud of him you are! Men love being told how good at softball they are! :)