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Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Serious Need Of Decorating Help

I need serious decorating help.

This is my "sanctuary," but as you can see it is clearly lacking. I would love some suggestions on what to put above my bed...but it has to be cheap, real cheap, as in "I-don't-really-have-a-decorating" budget cheap. I am creatively challenged. HELP!

If you'd like to post your bedroom sanctuaries, Mr. Linky is now up - click here to add yours!


adalex72 said...

My 'sanctury' leaves a lot to be desired, I need help too!

The Mom said...

You need an enlarged like 24X32" photograph (preferably one you snapped) of your family...your kids alone, or you and hubby alone...or your favorite spot together as a couple.

Above our bed is our feet in the sand on one of our anniversary trips with the ocean in the background. Plus our walls are blue and tan (kinda beach themed).

Heather said...

You can get an antique window at a salvage yard. A wooden one with chippy paint. I think it's architecturally very interesting. You can even decorate the panes with photos or pretty scrapbook paper if you want to. Hang a pretty wreath on it with a ribbon. That gives it an interesting layer. I usually don't spend over $20 on a window so if you find them cheap enough, hang three in a row. I also like:

a collection of something like plates or masks

hang pretty wallpaper just behind your bed, floor to ceiling almost like a headboard

I saw in a B&B once that the owners had taken a big tree branch and screwed it into the wall, then she hung old postcards of birds from the branches. It was SO cool looking and cheap!! She just went out and found a big branch on the ground.

Kimba said...

Do you have some picture frames that you're not using? You could paint them all to match and fill them with scrapbook paper to coordinate with the other colors in the room.

How about plates hanging above the bed? You know how I feel about spray paint. :-) Get a bunch of plates at goodwill, paint them to match and hang them up. Although if your hubby is anything like mine, he'll say, "Is there any particular reason you hung dinnerware on our wall?"

I love Heather's idea of an antique window. I saw one at a thrift store yesterday for about $10.

I'll keep noodling this one and give you any more ideas that I come up with.

kate said...

I was going to say put an old salvaged window up, but I see Heather beat me to it! So...I vote for what Heather said.

Suzanne said...

I love quotes or sayings on the wall. If you or someone you know can write well with paint or such, you could do it yourself. Otherwise you can buy quotes in vinyl letters. Here are some examples. If you want to make it more substantial than simple: 1) Adhere the quote to a painted piece of wood, 2) Paint a large box on the wall as a "mat" for your "picture" (the piece of wood), 3) Apply cheap molding around the 4 sides as a "frame", and attach the "picture" on the "mat" where you like it (centered hor/ver, centered horizontally but up higher or lower on the vertical, etc.) The "picture" will float from the wall and be more interesting than if the saying was just on the wall...plus there's no glass to clean. ;-)

Suzanne said...

(On my blog, you said that...)Your husband has an idea and wants to surprise you? Glad the tips inspired him. I say go for it. It sounds romantic. ;-)

Dawn Gahan said...

Without seeing the rest of your room, I'd switch the placement of the bed and the nightstand (unless that would put your bed too close to a wall or a dresser). Then above the bed I'd hang a quilt (with the bed moved, the quilt wouldn't be right up against the door frame but showcased more on the wall).

You could keep your headboard or take it off, just using the bedframe. The quilt would then be like a headboard. I think this would really soften things up. Do you have a lamp from another room that you could move in here for the nightstand? And a nice framed picture above the nightstand would look good, especially in an oval frame to offset the squareness of the quilt.

Looking forward to seeing what you do!


Thanks for visiting my blog, Sarah Mae. Glad to meet you!

Katie said...

I am loving these ideas! Above my bed is also bear. The window idea is great. You have to take an "after picture" when you finally decide what to do.

Reborn said...

I dunno if you still are looking for advice here... but my first question would be what do you have? Here are a few ideas off the top of my head...

Empty frames.

Lots of misc. little frames all painted the same color with snapshots pasted to scrapbook paper inside.

Quilts, any heavy fabric really, even placemats or chargers (multiples work better).


Vinyl lettering or shapes.

Stenciled lettering.

A row of hooks with cool objects hanging from them (like hats or whatever).

Any cool, large object that's relatively flat (there are lots of outdoor items like decorative grates and stuff that could work). Spray paint always helps.

Hang curtains from the ceiling or high on the wall instead to create a lush backdrop.

Shelving with cool stuff arranged on it.

Candle sconces.

Oh and if you group objects in odd numbers it looks more cohesive, IMO.

Reborn said...

haha, I promise I didn't read any of the previous comments before responding. Great minds! lol