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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today's Toddler Time - Washing Dishes!

Toddlers love washing the dishes. Okay, so they're not exactly washing the dishes (in our dreams, right?) but the concept of getting wet and splashing around in water outside of the bathtub seems to create an almost unparalleled delight. It keeps my two and half year old busy for at least 20 minutes! Here's what to do:
  • Grab a garbage bag and cut out holes for the head and arms

  • Pull a chair up to the sink where your sweetie can stand

  • Fill the sink with luke warm water

  • Throw in any and all plastic dishes, cups, bowls, etc. you can find

  • Go over rules (no splashing, no washing mommy's dishes, etc.)

Have fun!


Casey said...

I need to do that with my girls! they love watching me do dishes

Katharyn said...

My mum used to let me do all of the dishes when I was five or so, and I remember waking up the middle of the night to find her re washing every one!