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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Mommy to Be" List - Learning to Cook!

I am excited to start my journey here online with everyone else around to support me. Being a young married in itself is hard enough, but wanting to master the divine calling of homemaker is a whole different ball game! Sometimes it so ovewhelming thinking about all the things that go into it and all the things I want to learn and accomplish. Thankfully, life is about learning and growing and it doesn't all have to be accomplished in one week. (phew!) I really want to master the skills of homemaking before I have little ones running around because I know it only gets harder from there. So I guess you all can just sit back and watch me learn (or struggle for that matter) because this is the journey of a young wife working her way towards a family and home that honors God.

My "Mommy to Be" List

Let me tell you about my "Mommy to Be" list. (No I am not pregnant!) These are all just things I would like to accomplish or improve before I start my journey of motherhood. Now, I am well aware that I will never be completely prepared or organized for that matter. However, I feel like girls/women don't seem to really start preparing themselves before children or marriage (like myself!) as perhaps they should. I should have really worked on my homemaking skills before I jumped into marriage, full of endless laundry, dirty toilets, and uncooked meals. I figured, "what's the big deal, how hard could it be right?!" (I give you permission to chuckle to here). So I really want you all to journey with me as I work through this crazy, challenging, but rewarding path to becoming a better homemaker, wife, and (God willing) one day a mommy.

The first thing on my "Mommy to be" list is to accomplish cooking, and I mean delicious finger-licking home cooking, not my usual hamburger helper and french fry casserole. So that means no more excuses, no more "I can't do it." It's time for me to get to that grocery store, get what I need, and get to work. I want to try at least one new recipe in the next week and I need to be held a accountable - thus, I will be posting my progress. So wish me luck, and if you have any great tips for a new wife struggling in the kitchen , I would really appreciate them. I also want to throw a challenge out there to all you wives to try out a new recipe this week and let me know how it goes. I look forward to "hearing" about your progress!

(This post is by Amanda, who will soon have her name appear on the regular "posted by" feature.)

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Katharyn said...

I just want to say thank you! It’s great to see someone else who struggles to sharpen her house wife skills before being a fully fledge house wife. You are not the only one, but I think we might be a rarity. (Currently I’m working on not only keeping the house cleaner (lots of reorganizing so it’s easer to maintain the clean) but doing so without harsh chemicals and disposable tools.)