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Friday, May 23, 2008

Fall-in-Love Friday!

On "Fall-in-Love Friday" we will be talking about date ideas - mainly cheap ways to spend quality time with your man. We want to fall in love with our husbands over and over again. Marriage can get mundane. We can so easily forget to take time out for each other, especially when you have little ones. But, it is so important that we do not neglect our relationship with our husbands - we must put effort into love.

Date Idea:

Go to a local coffee shop with a board game (some coffee shops keep games for you to play), sip on some delicious coffee, have a small snack, and play a game. This is one of my favorite dates. We go and play scrabble, which we are both atrocious at, and just enjoy each other. You can also check when musicians will be playing - there is just something special about playing scrabble over nachos and folk music!

Have a great date idea? Post about it on your blog and then link back to it here so we can all benefit from some fresh date ideas!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Great date idea. And I love your header. So peaceful