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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are All Women Lifegivers?

Yes! At least all women have the capacity to be lifegivers if they accept this beautiful calling. Lifegiving, in its most basic sense, is raising life above the level of mere existence. We give life physically and spiritually, in many forms. We also give life intellectually, socially, and artistically. We as women have been blessed with the very nature of lifegiving! At its core, lifegiving is all about love.

What are some specific ways we give life?
  • Our Words

  • Our Home - Decorating, preparing meals, creating an atmosphere of peace, hospitality

  • Education - To yourself, your children, or others

  • Church - Using your gifts

  • Socially

  • Culture and the Arts

  • Heritage and Traditions - Enriching the lives around you

Today, allow the truth to penetrate your heart that you have the ability to give life to your home, your family, and your world! Let it sink in, then live it out!

What are some of your "lifegiving" tips?

(To learn more about lifegiving, check out the Five Aspects of Woman Bible Study)

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