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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Score! Can You Smell That? Yummy Homemade Gourmet!

*The winner of last week's Saturday Score (a HeathahLee tassel) is (by random number generator) Michelle, of Lollypops and Lizards! Congrats! Now email me your snail mail please!

Today's Saturday Score is brought to you by Stephanie Gordon, Senior Distributor & Meal Consultant for Homemade Gourmet! You can practically smell this score...so what is it?

A Homemade Gourmet mini 4 meals in 4 minutes collection!

Are you drooling?

I am.

I like Homemade Gourmet...they have a cool mission: "With God’s help, Homemade Gourmet® strives to bring families back to the dinner table by providing quality, affordable, easy-to-prepare meals, education and direct sales business opportunities."

Who can argue with that?

Now go tempt your taste buds here and then come back and leave me a comment telling me which mouth-watering recipe is your favorite!

Contest will be open until Friday at 8pm Eastern time and is only open to the continental U.S. You must be 18 or older to enter.

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mom-2-4 said...

What a great website you shared with us! I had never heard of Homemade Gourmet so thanks for sharing. I love how they do the recipe search, just put in the type of food, type of cooking, etc. and a list of recipes show up- how cool is that!
Anyway, the slow cooker BBQ sounded so good. DH and I just watched a throw down with Bobby Flay and he was doing BBQ, so that's where my mind has been lately! Homemade Gourmet's way looked super easy!!
Julianne :)

Marie said...

Oh my - it was fun to peruse all those great recipes! Hard to pick just one, but I really liked the Creamy Italian Casserole. I'm a casserole queen!


Keowdie said...

I've never heard of this company, but they look great! Almost all the recipes sounded good, but I think my family would probably love the Shepherd's Pie the best. My husband is definitely a meat & potatoes man!

Composing Hallelujahs said...

i like homemade gourmet's desserts the best, but i could totally handle the southwest chicken. 3 ingredients is my kind of recipe ;)

CABean03 said...

Haven't heard of this company before, but as a Pampered Chef consultant and mother to two little ones, I am always looking for a fast, delicious meal! The Apple Pecan Pork Chops looked yummy to me.

Anonymous said...

interesting! the cilantro lime chicken salad sounded good!

southerninspiration said...

I was wondering how good the cranberry almond pasta salad might be...it sounds great!

Moody said...

my wife will love this site, thanks for sharing it.

Jodi W said...

Love the new HG website - I have to say I haven't thought about them in quite a while.

Recipe - the steam n season bbq sandwiches sound so easy and yummy.

I hope I win :)


~Tami said...

Yum, the Enchilada Chicken! I may have to order the seasoning now!

Gina said...

The awesome southwest chicken sounds great and easy! I have never heard of this company before...thanks for sharing!

~SHANNON~ said...

Coming from a big Irish Family- the Homemade Gourmet® Shepherd’s Pie Casserole sounds the best! Shepherds pie is a favorite of my husbands- but usually justtakes too long to make. So we dont have it often- Homemade Gourmet has made it do able- cool!!

Shannon at:http://milkandcuddles.blogspot.com/

McFadden Family said...

Hello there. I just found out about this wonderful blog that you have created. I just wanted to let you know that you are now on my daily reading list and I am so excited to have found a place to come to help me keep my walk with Christ alive and well everyday. You are a very awesome woman! :0) Thank you for your service to{at least}this Sinner-Saved-by-Grace.

Leigh said...

wow - that site is great! I am drooling over the Santa Fe chicken - and I'm going back to look some more!

HeathahLee said...

Congratulations, Michelle! You get to choose whichever one you'd like!!

Sarah Mae, I'll come back later to comment on the recipes...I'm at a friend's house on her computer because our power is out. Remember that massive storm I talked about on my post yesterday? Yeah. It was. : (

Rebecca Joy said...

oohhh! the chipotle chicken and noodles sounds sooo good! What a neat site! quick recipes to get the whole family together. Thanks for sharing!

Kris said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! This site was awesome!! I loved the sound of the Santa Fe Chicken...YUM!!!

Candy Graber said...

I love homemade gourmet! Their chicken and rice mix is one of my favorite!

Susie Q said...

Garlic lemon asparagus...I wonder how that would do on the grill? I love grilled asparagus and am looking for other ways to do it. Roasting them in the over, or as a quck stir fry......hummm...looks amazing

heidi jo said...

creamy italian casserole, loaded baked potato soup... soooo many goodies - lots of comfort food there. i'm glad you reminded me of homeade gourmet - i tried it years ago and liked so many products.

Wisdom for Today said...

This is new to me. I can't wait to try a few!

Allie Z said...

yum! Chicken Enchilada Marinated Chicken . Makes me want to go to Islands for their tortilla soup!


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I've heard of homemade gourmet, but never had anything before! You know I had to go straight to desserts!! I think my favs were chocolate chip cookie pie, chocolate oeanut butter mousse, and almond poppy seed bars - drooling everywhere now!