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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not A Perfect Life, A Blessed One

Reading By the Window, Hastings

Have you taken the time to work on your priorities and a schedule?

Everything in me wants to encourage the heck out of you to go for it with gusto, but I know that unless you are sold on your priorities and creating a schedule to see that those priorities are met, my words won't do a thing. I am convinced that I need a schedule, that I need to plan my days wisely so that I can reclaim my life. If you're convinced as well, then let's take some time today to really work on a schedule. Talk with your husband about it and get his input. Please don't put this off...and don't put it off just because it can't be perfect. As life changes, so will your schedule.

As you pursue working out your priorities and a schedule, please be encouraged by this wise advice I received in a comment:

"If you follow these precepts all of your life, you will find at the end of it not a perfect trouble free life, but a blessed one. When you fail, get right back up, repent and start all over again with God's grace to do the very things that He wants you to do. You will not ever be sorry." -Anonymous

I am so welled up with passion right now for what God is asking of us that I know it will flow out into words as soon as I have more time. So much more to come...

As a side note, I want you all to know that I am so grateful for your comments and I read every single one. I want to respond to all of them all of the time, but I just can't. Please know that I do not take you for granted.


Tiffany said...

I'm going to keep reading all your posts on this, but for me it's going to have to be a revamping of things for next school year. This year is almost over and between the musical my daughter is in and her trip to NYC next week and family coming in and classes being rescheduled and finishing up and planning the co-op for next year...I'm so scattered I'm not sure I can slow down to think schedule or not. However, I am thinking about all of this as we move into summer and then onto fall. Good stuff, Sarah Mae. Thanks for always turning us toward God.

Miranda said...

I just wanted to say thanks for letting God use you to the fullest everytime you feel something needs to be changed! The series you have done have encouraged me beyond measure! It helps me to know someone else feels the same as me. I have a loose schedule during the day. I have in my mind what needs done in order for order to be kept. I hate to say it, but when I feel like my kids are burdens and all I do I'm doing for everyone else. It helps me to say to myself, "What can I do to help me out in the future." It helps me to remain calm and get my work done knowing relaxation is coming and I'm making my job easier. Thanks again!

Kristy K said...

Sarah - beautifully written!

This last year for me has been terrible in many ways (with my brother dying, then trying to help my other brother through his issues), but it's also been amazing because through the tears, God has shown me who HE really is. After 20+ years as a Christian, I still thought God was this scary guy with a yard stick, waiting to slap my fingers with every mistake. But now, I see that all He wants is for me to love him and love those around me. It's so freeing to know that.

Anyway - sorry to get off track. I have to carve out time for myself or I will go crazy. But as a compromise, I can't necessarily go forward with some of my big plans and aspirations (like writing a book) at this stage in my life. For years, I tried to do it all - raise the kids, be a great wife, write the book, have a side business, etc..., but instead of doing everything well, I did everything half way.

Finally, I've accepted that God has me in THIS stage of life for a reason, and if I can die to my own desires right now, He'll give me time later to follow my dreams. So I just continue to write in my spare time and continue to be a wife and mom and servant full time and my whole family seems so much better off.

I can't wait to see what you write next!

Lisa said...



Mrs. Trixi said...

What a perfect saying. I think I need to frame it!!

Loren said...

Sarah Mae ~
I completely agree with your schedule idea. I was told by someone "you are not a good planner but you fail without a plan" It is soo very true and once I put planning into my week, it was amazing how much peace it brought into our home. I also wanted to share an even more detailed idea. Along with your schedule, I have a friend who recommended that in the morning when you are having quiet time take a "notecard" (very inexpensive litl things) and right down all you need to do for the day along with the things you might hear God speak to you during your quiet time and carry it with you during the day. Now, dont get carried away if you don't get it all done but just commit the "list" to the Lord and trust that you and Him working together will get all the HE WANTS done for the day!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for starting this series. I started my priorities list today and it was rather difficult for me to specify my Essential Must Do's, etc. I think often times I forget what the most important things are in the midst of trying to do the things that I feel I "should do" and by "should do", I mean should do for the wrong reasons. I often say "somethings got to give", but then I do not give up anything except for peace, which ultimately effects my other efforts to serve. Thanks for challenging me in this area.

Seeking Titus 2,


Friend Chick said...

I'm sitting down right now to write up a daily schedule. I need to have it written down or else it won't get done. Thank you for your motivation!

irishmcmommy said...

Thank you for this series. This is something I need to work on. I love your blog...I subscribe and read it daily. Thanks for sharing everything you do!


Isabel said...

I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday's post! It is simply brilliant to categories priorities in the manner you described! I love lists and schedules, but this is really great! Because in my lists I usually always left out the essentials!

God bless you for your great minisrty!!

Jenn said...

I used to plan and prioritize each day, but somehow after we began homeschooling it became near impossible to stick with it. I am looking forward to your series. It may just not be possible at this season of life, but I do hope I can make some changes.

Annie said...

Hi Sarah Mae!
I think I speak for all your readers...we would love some photos of your baby! :)

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Oh Sara, I do have a schedule but I get frustrated when I don't stick to it. Your statement about life changes and so will our schedule...thanks


Muthering Heights said...

As usual, great post! :)

I love that painting as well!

Debbie said...

This whole post was so soothing and encouraging for me. I am so right here - the midst of chaos - desperate for the ability to stick to my set schedule - distracted by life's changes... Yay - medicine for my soul!!!