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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sarah Mae Recommends...

Here are some great things I've come across recently and want to share:

"Come when your cup is empty, and when it “runneth over.” Come when you hurt or you want to help the hurting. Come when you need practical advice or have some to give. Come when you need encouragement or when you can be the encourager. Come to listen and come to talk."

At The Well is officially launching there new site on Monday, February 2nd and they want you to come and take part in the fun. They will have some great door prizes! I am very excited about this launch because the woman who is behind the site has a heart for women...a heart for women to grow in the Lord. As a side note, I have the privilege of writing for At The Well, so I hope you will join me and many other women as we celebrate and pursue Titus 2!

My next recommendation is for Cleavage Coverups. This company makes it so easy to be modest! The cover-ups come in all different colors and styles and are great for summer because you can stay cool and modest. The gracious Lisa (designer) is offering 10% off the cover-ups to all you wonderful readers! Just go to her site, pick what you like, and put in this coupon code: sm10

Zazzi.com is a place to buy and sell used kids clothing, shoes, cribs, blankets, etc.

Let me just tell you I love what this couple is doing with Zazzie.com. Jake and Angie Hogan are a young couple with a growing family, who raise horses, dogs and children in Central Wyoming. While Angie is a full-time mom of four, Jake spends long hours working on a nearby ranch but somehow finds time to raise and train a small herd of horses. (Are you loving them yet?) Jake and Angie have added Zazzie.com to their many activities, but feel this is a valuable service for other growing families who, like the themselves, live within a budget. Zazzie.com gives families a greater network to draw from without breaking the bank, and that pleases the Hogans and makes the effort worthwhile. Once you check them out, you'll be hooked!

His kids is a site that has different Christian kids programs all in one place for you to access and listen to online for free. My kiddos love to sit at our dining room table drawing or playing with play dough and listening to bible stories and songs!


christinnjon said...

I am so excited to join in At the Well! Yay! How exciting you are a contributor!!! You are awesome!

Robin said...

Can't wait! I'm so excited and proud for you!


Christy said...

Thanks for sharing all these fun things! I'm looking forward to seeing you At the Well!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Sarah Mae - how are feeling from your hospital jaunt?
Thanks for the recommendation...can't wait to go check them out - especially the Well. (that's the name of one of our church ministries)

the voice of melody said...

This is so interesting, thanks for sharing! Enjoy your writing over there, I'll be checking it out. :)

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing such all these great links-sure hope you're feeling rested after your pre-term adventures! I had lots of those with kiddo #2 :) That is exhausting!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

So much great stuff - thank you!