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Monday, January 19, 2009

Motivate Me Monday! 20 Great Modesty Resources (Giveaway Winner Announced!)

Today's featured bloggy gal and 5:16 clubber is Mama Hen, from...

She's a colon. You can read all about that here. Today she writes about spiritual growth and abiding in Him. This woman is not only a funny gal, but a very encouraging one as well. Enjoy!

The winner of the Christa-Taylor $25 Gift Certificate giveaway is....

...named at the bottom of today's post!

Now onto MMM!

10 Days To Modest! 20 Great Modesty Resources

~ A Christian Guy - Age 20 ~

Let’s be honest. We’re men, and we’re responsible for ourselves. We’re responsible for our thoughts, for our lusts, for our character. We won’t be able to blame the girls when we’re called to give account for it in the judgment day. We won’t be able to say like Adam, “The woman you made…”
In fact, the Bible warns us that if our eyes are causing us to offend, it would be better to pluck it out than to allow it to lead us astray. Now you girls don’t want that to happen… Please?
We are responsible for bringing these senses into subordination to the will of God. We’re trying. And we get tested every day. That’s our job wherever we are, whether in the world or in church. But quite honestly, we’d rather do our battles with the world than with our sisters in Christ.


Pure Freedom - Truth or Bare Fashion Test (Print and tape to closet door!)

Secret Keeper Girl Bod Squad Blog

Betty Beguiles

Is This Modest

Modesty Survey - What really makes guys stumble?



Sierra Brooke

Apricot Apparel - Long Camisoles for only $10!

Comfort Teez - Great modest undershirts!

Shade Clothing

Cleavage Cover-ups - Only $5.99

Bible Studies

God's Priceless Woman, By Wanda Sanseri


The Look: Does God Really Care What I Wear? By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

A Return To Modesty, By Wendy Shalit

Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power Of Modesty, By Dannah Gresh


Your Daughter's Wardrobe: A Battle Worth Fighting? By Dannah Gresh

The Soul Of Modesty, By C.J. Mahaney

Modeling Modesty, By Mary K. Mohler

Free To Be Modest, By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Why Is A Daughter's Modesty A Dad's Responsibility, By John Piper


Have a Secret Keeper Girl event at your church!

Thank you all SO much for journeying with me during the 10 Days to Modest series! I really hope that some hearts have been changed (along with some wardrobes!). I know it is a continual process and we will never fully arrive, but at least we are willing.

Now some CONGRATS is due to...

Stephanie, from The Coupon Game

Winner of the giveaway! YAY!

Now go get yourself something super cute and modest!

Your Turn! *You do not have to be a 5:16 am gal to participate!

  • Share some advice, wisdom, practical applications, tips you've learned, etc. that you think would benefit and motivate others.

*Make sure to link directly to your MMM post and then link back here!


HeathahLee said...

LOVE the section from the 20 year old guy!

Homesteader in Training said...

Great resources my friend. I have a book to add. It's called Christian Modest, the Public Undressing of America. Congrats to the winner.

Robin said...

Congrats to Stephanie, but congrats to us all for getting just a little further down the "road to righteousness"!

Blessings all,

Tricia Anne said...

What rich resources! Thank you so much for your desire and generosity, in pulling your knowledge and posting as you have! This is just amazing!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

MamaHenClucks said...

Congrats to Stephanie and thanks for linking me today :) I LOVE this list of resources. I'll be saving it for future reference!!

Kellye said...

Congrats to the winner of the giveaway, but we are all winners here by learning a little bit more of what God expects of us! Thank you so much for placing this very important aspect of the Christian woman's walk in the forefronts of our minds these last 10 days. What a blessing its been...and thank you so much for the resources, great ones at that. Who doesn't just adore John Piper??

Angela said...

I have learned so much from this series. Thank you.


Stephanie said...

THANK YOU!!! I've never won a bloggy giveaway! I'm SOOOO excited! I'll email you soon. I am all about modesty and always encourage my daughters in modesty. I really enjoyed your discussion on this topic and love that you brought out the beauty of modesty. Thank you for your insight!

Anthony and Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Friend Chick said...

Of course. I'm honored.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on modesty. Our Sunday School teacher approached Mama Hen and me yesterday and spoke with us about addressing modesty with the ladies in our Sunday School.

Another lady, who was dressed so super cute yesterday, said that she initially got dressed without her tank top, but realized that she needed a little more coverage.

All this talk has brought ladies to a new understanding of their dress.

January 19, 2009 12:24 PM

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Sarah Mae for your blog and inspiration and challenges!

I can't wait to start "God's Priceless Woman"!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Wonderful series, Sarah Mae! Thanks for all the great resources.

Congratulations to Stephanie!

the voice of melody said...

Thanks for all these links, I can't wait to check out some of them. This is an important topic, thanks for your efforts in bringing it to our attention. :)

Robin said...

Sarah Mae, you did a wonderful job with this series. I really looked forward to each post and I especially like this last one with all the links. The modesty fashion show was a great idea and I think it will leave a lasting impression. Great job!

Betty Beguiles said...

You have such a beautiful site! I am craving a cup of coffee now! LOL! It's nice to meet you!