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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trying To Update 5:16 AM Club List

I have gotten several e-mail requests to be a part of the 5:16 AM club - YAY! However, some of the e-mails were sent to my junk mail folder and I have lost them. Please check the 5:16 AM Gals list and see if you are on it (please also check to see if I have your blog correct). If you are not and you would like to be, please e-mail me again or leave me a comment and let me know (so sorry!).

Also, at some point I will add the name of your blog next to your personal name - hopefully I will have time over the weekend!

Thank you for your patience!!! :)


Gayle said...

Hi... I am not listed. My email is gayle.dobbs@hotmail.com and my Blog is Blessed to Be a Blesing at www.gayledobbs.blogspot.com


I am looking forward to 1st John. Happy New year!

Lesley said...

I would like to be a 516 girl...my name is lesley glenn. My email is Lkailani@att.net and my blog is Lkailani.typepad.com

HisBeloved said...

I would love to join, if I may. My email is hisbelovedblog@gmail.com and my blog is hisbelovedblog.blogspot.com. Thanks! :D

grits404 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grits404 said...

trying again...i'd like to join in on the 5:16 fun. susanwjohnston@gmail.com


mlc said...

I'm not on the list, but I do get your emails concerning 5:16.... My blog is www.thecurranchronicle.blogspot.com

Melissa said...

Sarah Mae, thanks for all of the time you've spent today helping to prepare us for our new study. It should be really awesome! I've been so challenged and blessed by rising early, and now I have found some things on your site and other blogs that are motivating me to change some other habits and be more intentional in redeeming _all_ of my time. The internet really can be used by God! :-)

I see a Melissa on your 5:16 club list without a blog. Is that me? I don't see my name or blog anywhere. Let me know if you need me to resend any info. Thanks again!

Sarah Mae said...

Melissa - I put your blog with your name on the list! Sorry for not getting it up earlier! :)

Kimberly said...

I'd like to be added to your list. My name is Kim, and my blog is www.surrenderedandinthepottershands.blogspot.com

{ jamie @ rose cottage } said...

Any 5:16 emails going out lately? If so, I'm not getting them. :-(

Jamie at Rose Cottage