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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The List Grows...

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What is a 5:16 gal?

A 5:16 gal is a gal who has decided that she wants to redeem the time with her savior. She is choosing to rise early, before the day takes her away, to sit at the feet of Jesus.

What is the 5:16 club?

The idea for the 5:16 club originated here, and began as the 5 am club. While the ultimate goal is to rise early, circumstances don't always allow (pregnancy, new baby, illness, etc.). The real purpose of this club is to encourage and journey with one another as we seek to spend time with the Lord every day - whatever time of the day you are able.

Why 5:16?

Ephesians 5:16 says, "making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." The literal meaning is "redeem the time." We are seeking to redeem the time and make the most of every opportunity to seek the Lord with all our hearts. Why? Because the days are evil. We must prepare for battle each and every day - sometimes just to get through the day!

Where do we "club?"

We "club" over at the 5:16 forum where we study scripture, pray for each other, and encourage one another in the Lord! Come join us for our latest study! If you're on Twitter, you can find the gals at the 516 Twibe where you can chat live!

So, who all is in the club anyway?

The 5:16 Gals:

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Anna Sophia













Messy Nester




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Unsinkable Kristin




Katy Lin











Friend Chick

Amanda Jo




“I earnestly recommend that it be in the early morning, unless there are some extenuating circumstances. Entering the day without a serious meeting with God, over his Word and in prayer, is like entering the battle without tending to your weapons. The human heart does not replenish itself with sleep. The body does, but not the heart. We replenish our hearts not with sleep, but with the Word of God and prayer.”

John Piper


becca said...

Hi! I've been visiting your site for a few weeks now....

count me in for 5:00 devotions!

Dana said...

i've missed the last few posts, but i want to join in. i will be getting up at 6am (i don't usually get up until 7:45/8:00ish cause that's when the kids are begging for breakfast) :)

Anonymous said...

Count me in...I was doing the 5AM club earlier in the year but dropped the ball when I had some health issues and surgery...but now I feel like my body has healed and I actually can wake up with an alarm again without snoozing...

Thanks for the nudge of accountability.


Traci said...

I need this. I really do. Unfortunately I'm also an insomniac, spending hours and hours getting to sleep. Then when I finally do there is a baby who wakes me back up again. I've been averaging about 3 hours of sleep.. hence I've been hesitant to do this.

I will join you in this, considering it a "tithe of sleep time".. I'll give the Lord some of my sleep time and trust the Him to provide me with rest. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kimba said...

Oh my goodness! I have tears in my eyes while I'm reading your 5am posts. I had planned to get up at 6:00. But ended up waking a few minutes before 5 and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up.

I've had some quiet time, folded a load of laundry and had a cup of coffee. When my hubby comes down he's going to think I'm nuts.

I did pray for you girls last night and apparantly your prayers for me worked really well.

Kimba said...

Quick confirmation...Hubby did think I'd lost my mind. But he liked it. I actually got to kiss him goodbye.

I'm on my 2nd load of laundry. Time for a shower!

Robin said...

While I used to rise up early when the girls were little and have my quiet time before anyone else was up, I have for the past few years gotten up right before my husband goes to work and right before my girls get up. I still have my quiet time with the Lord before I get going with my day. As I was rereading the girltalk blog this morning about the 5 AM club I was reminded of the blessings of getting up earlier. Count me in. I am going to be intentional, deliberate and pursue this. And do it joyfully! Thank you for this reminder.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

Ugh, okay, add my name to the list. I may need to be a 6am girl, but I'm in. Starting tomorrow...I'm committed! I've wanted to do this for SUCH a long time. No more excuses...

Homesteader in Training said...

Girl look what you started. I'm starting fresh tomorrow. I'd be more than happy to call you LOL. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Count me in too. I am at 5 already so it would be even better to join in with other women.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Count me in as well! I've been waking up early the past few weeks off and on, but it's time to get for real about it. Thanks for the encouragement - I'll be up with you all tomorrow morning!

Jessica said...

What a great idea! Please count me in. I did read all about this on Girl talk last year and started doing it and it was so worth it. I would like to get back into the habit.

Jess from Australia

Juel said...

I would like to be included. I need to focus on the good stuff God wants for me instead of dreading getting out of bed.

Tyson and Laurel said...

What a fantastic idea! I'll be there! :)

messynester said...

I wanna join!

Put me down for the 5am club! (However it wont actually be 5am...that would be major overkill in my house. Like 3 hrs before hubs is up.)

Jo said...

I'm in. Read about this a few weeks ago on Girl Talk myself. Great accountability!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to join in...I really need this! Thank you! :)

Hope@Pinkadoodledoo said...

I read about this on MamaHenClucks' site. This is great! I'm in!

Donna said...

Oh count me in Caleb's been waking me around 5am every morning to eat so this will keep me even more motivated!


HeathahLee said...

Okay so I'm so tired I commented and linked to the wrong post. I'm like a little kid just going in and posting to whatever she can find that looks shiny. Anyway, I don't have a post, but I do want to be included in the 5 am'ers. I'm sure by now you figured that out. : )

Kim @ My Journey said...

So happy to have found your blog and would love to be a part of the 5am club!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bonnie said...

I'm in....UGH! I am so not a morning person. I just keep reminding myself that it Christ's strength I lean on not my own. Just found your blog. I look forward to digging deeper into some of your older posts.

Syliva said...

I would love to be a part of this. This will hopefully start me on a new habit for the new year!

Sylvia said...

I am going to do this to start a new year habit.

Miranda said...

Count me in for the 5:00 club!

Nana 2 four said...

Yes - count me in for the 5:16 club! Add me to the list! I am a fairly early riser anyway and that's when I have the best time with God. When I am up alone and it's quiet and I have that first cup of coffee in hand.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Yes....count me in for the 5am challenge.

I too..have challenged the ladies of my church to join in!!!

Please also include me in the emails.

Jacquelyn said...

hey, is there a facebook group for this? if not, there should be!

Anonymous said...

This is my heart's desire and blessed opportunity to join together with a bunch of cyber sisters in the LORD! Great jump start for a NEW YEAR!


southerninspiration said...

Do I need to email you or can I join in just by commenting? This is a great idea!!! I'll have to start just a little bit earlier, but it would be so good for me to do so!


Anna Sophia said...

I just found you through Kimba and I would LOVE to join. I will be getting up at 5:16. That will leave me a great deal of time for devotions since I don't normally get up until 6:20. This is just wonderful! I am very thankful for this accountability to do my devotions. Life can get very busy, and it always seems that we push off the really important things... I can't wait to get started! Thanks again!!

Gina said...

Count me in as well-I'm usually up early and it will be nice to have some company! How exciting to live and share life this way.

Trisha said...

I think this is a wonderful idea! I for one always enjoy the peace of mornings. It is such a beautiful time. I have tried to email you and am having trouble. Please let me know what I need to do to join. Thanks!

Amanda Jo said...

Wow! We're quite the group! I'm excited to see how God is using all of this extra time worshipping Him to bless our lives!

Sally Pepper said...

Count me in for devotions...at 6:00 ish...5:00 still seems so early...baby steps!!

Robin Mureiko said...

May I come too? It would be so wonderful to know that I am not alone in the cold, dark morning! ;) I am looking forward to the insites from the Lord and to hear what others are hearing from Him!

Robin Mureiko

jamie {rose cottage} said...

When I first saw the 5AM club, I thought there is NO WAY I can get up that early, but after reading that this is mostly about setting priorities and making sure to start our day with the Lord, I think I can do that. But it'll be more like 6 or 6:30AM for me. I, like Dana (way up there at comment #2), usually get up somewhere around 7:30AM.

I'm still figuring all this out, but I think I read something about a morning email? If that's so (and I'll explore more here in a minute), then my email is in my profile.

Laurel Plum said...

Count me in! I have been trying for months wake up earlier each morning to start the day with quiet time. The only problem is that everyone else in the house seems to think it is a great idea and is following my lead! LOL! I love the idea of starting the day by feeding my soul first thing even if the rest of the house is up with me. Maybe they will follow me into morning devotionals, too!

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

I'm looking forward to joining you all. 5AM ... Wow. That's early.. Are we talking Pacific Standard time?? Nice to meet you. Jaime

rockytopmom said...

Room for one more??? I would love to hang out at the break of down with some other early risers!


Lu Anne

Pastorette's Progress said...

I am very interestd in joinging your group. What a great way to start 2009!! and every single day.

The Zandi Zoo said...

HI! I found this site from Traci & Lesley and would love to jump on in. What a perfect way to start the day!

Orts said...

Love to have the encouragement of others as we seek the Lord early :)!

Anonymous said...

I started Monday: up at 5, awake all day. Today: up at 5...prayer...hit the pillow again before 5:16. But I'm tryin'! I love the idea of community and commonality here!

Suzy O. said...

I so need this. I would love to join in.

mama's smitten said...

Count me in ! I love this idea!

Dancing Wallflower said...

I would love to join this group also. I enjoyed looking through your blog also.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be added to this list! I started trying to do this today, and I'd like to make it a habit. 9:30 bedtime for sure, now! Thanks :)

JavaMama said...

I am very passionate about rising early to meet with our Savior each day... to give Him the first fruits of each gift given day. Providentially I found your 5:16 Club a few day after reading about the 5 AM club at Girl Talk... I am in for 5:00 AM mornings!! So please put me on your list.

What a blessing, thanks! I was actually going to start a 5AM Club before I found you :0).

JOYfully in Him,

Tangee said...

I so need this. Please count me in.

Jennifer T. said...

Sarah Mae-
Count me in beginning tomorrow morning! Thanks!

Jennifer at Song of my Life

Denise said...

Count me in! I already start my day with a prayer of thanks and asking for help for the day. I can do anything with Him.

Marci said...

I would love to join your club. I love having time with God every morning. I notice a difference in my day if I don't start with Him. Iron sharpens iron doesn't it!

BECKY said...

I just found you a few days ago, and love your blog!!

I am committing to 5:16, and thank you for starting this!!

I am also including a link to your blog on my post today. Thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement!

b.ellen said...

Hello! Yay I am finally putting my name on the list! I have been reading on here for a little while now and I keep thinking I'll get up earlier for a couple of days and then put my name on the list. I get up with my hubby @ 6:45, help get him out the door and then sit down for time with my God & Savior but it seems like it's cut short by little requests for juice and Breakfast more each day. Well... I think I need the prayers and motivation through my sisters in Christ so... I'm putting my name on the list now & praying for results. [I am a reallly heavy sleeper & struggle with alarm clocks]
Thank you for starting this!

Lisa said...

I'm joining in! I needed this encouragement and affirmation of what the Lord has been laying on my heart! THANKS!

Erica said...

I wouldn't say count me in, but I'm going to pray about it. I have nights when my big baby is still up in the middle of the night, but it's not consistent. I really think this would be a blessing for me to do!

Leslie said...

OOOHHH I'm excited! I intend to join you gals tomorrow. I'm off to get a few more things done so I can curl into bed earlier.

The Southern Housewife said...

Count me in! I'll be up at 6:15! :)

Katie said...

Oh, I need, need, need this. Count me in. I'll work my way into it and for now start at 6:00.

Buildeth Her House said...

Please put me down for 5:16. How does this work? I'd really like to get up early and spend some alone time with the Lord. Plus get a head start on my homemaking. I could actually eat breakfast with my husband.

MoziEsmé said...

Love this idea! Count me in...

ServinGsus said...

Me too, me too! This is marvelous ... I already check your blog out daily, but this is great accountability =) Thanks for doing this!
~Lisa @ Fields of Grace

The Ramblin' Rat said...

Yes, please add me to the list as well. My time with the Lord has been on my heart for so long and it's time I did something about it. I'm looking forward to the growth that will happen!

God Bless!

Beck's Bounty said...

Would you please count me in too ?


Grace & Peace,

Debbie said...

I am in!

God is so Good!

Anonymous said...

Is it to late to join in? I would love too....

Heather said...

Sign me up too, please. And also for a large cup of coffee!

Deanna said...

Is it too late to join??? Count me in.

Karen said...

I hope it's not to late to join! I want to be a 5:16 gal.

Karen @ Lil Momma's Haven

Michelle said...

I would really like to join this group! Is that still possible??

Dusty said...

Okay, okay, I give in! lol. I've been hearing about this club all over the blogosphere, so I suppose it's my turn to sign up!

Count me in!

Holley said...

By the grace of God and power of very strong coffee, I'm in! (: I'm not a morning person (Once I even put chocolate on my alarm clock to bribe myself to get up. I ate it and went back to bed). But God has really been putting this on my heart. So, 5:16!

Latte With Me said...

I came over from Holley's site.

I'm in (oh Lord, help me!)!

Jennifer said...

I also learned about the group from Holley... so glad I did! I'm in!!

Tänia said...

I am the newbie in this group for today. Just wanted to say thank you for this! LOVE IT!

Tänia of Faith Prints

brandam said...

I'm in too! This is just the push I have been looking for!

Katy said...

After starting my own business about a year ago I gradually got in the bad habit of a sporadic sleep schedule. The past couple weeks I've felt the Lord pulling at my heart and the need to get up earlier and spend more devoted time with Him before my day gets going. This article just confirmed what I've been feeling and was just the thing I needed to decide it's time to put these thougths into action! Thanks so much for your great blog! I will be back often :0) Blessings, Katy

LeeLee's Thoughts said...

Hi. Please sign me up!!! My husband recently left for overseas and now my sleep habits are worse off than they ever were and I have been feeling GOD telling me that I need to fix this. With this group it gives me others to have to answer to besides myself. GOD plays a huge role in my life. I know deep in my heart that HE is telling me it is time to change my sleep and that I need to start my day off earlier and right. Thanks for helping me do so.


Monica said...

Praise the Lord, this is such an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

I am SO IN! This is AWESOME! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

am said...

Can I join??? This is just what I was hoping for....

Amy Lu said...

Can I join? This is just what I was hoping for....

Laura said...

Can I join? I'd love some accountability.

Kelly O said...

How did I miss this? Definitely count me in, Sarah Mae!

Free At Last said...

I would love to join! Of course being up this late, reading your blog, is going to make my first morning tough :)

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi count me in!

justagirl4god said...


I found a link here from the 'Journey to a Gracious Woman' blog.

Though I'm guessing that I am quite a bit younger than everyone else, I'd love to join and be a part of giving back our time to the Lord.

God bless!
(will go and post on the forum... as justagirl4god)


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

I don't know about 5:16 AM but I definitely want to join up. I've been praying about my time with the Lord, and the start of my day lately and I think this would be good for me. I really need to put God FIRST.

Patricia said...

I want ot make sure I am on the list too!

Amanda Elizabeth said...

I'll join! I'm in nursing school and as hectic as it is, I need my Jesus time. :)

Anne Basso said...

You know, I'd really like to be a part of this. I could use the encouragement. =)

Anonymous said...

Add me!! I am totally trying to get up at 5ish to spend time with the Father!!!

Momma C said...

Love the idea and accountability. I'm in!

Shelby said...

I'm late to this but please count me in! I think the Father definitely deserves the best of my day!!!

Mrs. Hewett said...

I'm in. It will be a challenge but I'm actually looking forward to it. It certainly helps to have others doing the same thing. Thanks so much!


Mrs. H
(aka: mama2gems)

Traci said...

Count me in!

Thanks for the encouragement!


~Tami said...

I want to commit to being a 5:16 gal.

Cafe Mocha Momma said...

May I join the club? I sorely need some accountability in this area. Thanks

Theresa said...

this is very encouraging! and your website as well! more blessings to you and the members of Gal 5:16 club!

Theresa said...

this is very encouraging and your website as well! more blessings to you and to the members of the Galatians 5:16 club!

Karen said...

I really like this idea. I'm thinking about joining but just haven't decided yet. I have been getting up around 5:30am generally. I definitely can notice a difference when I'm up earlier than the rest of my family. I usually get the coffee going and spend some time just talking to the Lord. I've also worked on Bible memory verses during that time but I want to be more consistent with that. I usually do Bible reading/study at a later time in the day. Sometimes it's better for me to save the Bible study for at night when our little one has gone to bed.

Hope you've been having a great weekend!

Mel ~ said...

First off: I am NOT a morning person, and usually hit the snooze button at least 5-10 times before getting out of bed...lol

I just committed to joining the 5:16 Gals yesterday - and this morning I was WIDE awake, tossing & turning, thinking it was probably about 3am...finally looked at the clock, and it was 5:15am. How good is my GOD??? :)

I got up and read Habakkuk - had been feeling led to read this itty-bitty book for days. Got some amazing insight when I did!