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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey Friends...VOTE!!! (For Best Homeschool Blog, that is!)

One of my favorite blogs is my friend Laura's blog, 10 Million Miles. I know you've seen me mention her many a time, but now is my chance to really promote her and her wonderful blog that is filled with fabulous homeschool ideas for preschoolers. She is creative, witty, sharp, and deep. She is a godly woman who pursues God with a passion, and is daily passing that passion onto her beautiful daughters, Vivienne and Lia.

Here is your opportunity to help make this sweet, wholesome, thought-provoking, and creative ideas blog known. She is up for the Best New Homeschool Blog Award. If you love her blog as much as I do (go check it out, I promise she will be one you will want to visit daily) then please vote for her by going here.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

This Little Light Of Mine - Teaching your children to be a light in this world (she geared it around Halloween and the election, but you can do this anytime!)
12 Days of Christmas
The Button Jar - What to with your preschooler and hundreds of buttons!
"Mom, is she beautiful?" Poem - A Great one to memorize!

If you like what you read, make sure to vote for her!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Wow. What a tribute. Thank you so so much, Sarah! Love you!