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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Comments And That RSS Thing...

I have had some people ask me how to comment if they don't have an account. People also ask me what the difference between becoming a subscriber and "favoriting" is. Here we go, nice and simple:

If you would like to leave a comment (and please do, I so love reading them) and you don't have any "accounts", just click the "Anonymous" circle and comment away! That's it - easy huh?

If you would like to become a subscriber (which just means that you will never miss any of my posts and you will always know when I update, unlike putting me in your favorites - which I certainly don't mind by the way!) then all you do is click on the orange square in the sidebar to the right that says, "Subscribe in a reader" and follow the directions. Or you can just click here. You can also have my posts e-mailed to you by clicking here.