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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life-giving Challenge - Get Up With Me!

I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to spend time with the Lord. My challenge to you is: Get up with me! Our "early" may look different, but let's get up and have a quiet time before the day starts.

Make sure to let me know how your "quiet time" went!


Kimba said...

I did it! I was up early...not as early as I would have liked, but early enough to get a shower and have my quiet time before the kiddos woke.

It really was so nice. I actually sat outside with my bible, my cup of coffee and my devotional. Very refreshing.

My devotional today focused on Romans 14 so that's what I read and contemplated.

Sarah Mae said...

I actually got up 5:30 AM! I would call it an ungodly hour, but I guess that doesn't fit seeing as I got up to spend time with God!

I read my Chuck Swindoll devotional (so good as always) and read over Numbers 7:24-26 on God's blessing.

Thanks for getting up with me! "See" you tomorrow morning!

janellybelly said...

YAY! I did it too...this morning was so refreshing. I was reading Proverbs 11 and it was great! The first verse hit me like a ton of bricks though!

Prov 11:1 A FALSE balance and unrighteous dealings are extremely offensive and shamefully sinful to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.

I am having to learn to have a balanced life & today the Lord covicted me of some things that I am allowing to come between me & God as well as me & my Hubby! They are just little things...but they are still sinful to God. Thanks for the challenge Sarah!


Katy Lin :) said...

i know i'm a day late, but i'm really excited about this, so i'll be getting up early to spend time with God tomorrow (Thursday) - thanks for the challenge!

Tiffany said...

AAhhhh!! I know I should get up and be productive and all this. But I'm up at 3:30 when hubby's alarm goes off. Then I toss and turn until my son gets up...which is any time after 6-ish. I REALLY need to get better at starting the day off right, but it'd be so much easier if I could get a good night's rest too :-) Or if my son would sleep until 7 or so.