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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's Lifegiving Challenge - You

Sometimes I wish I could turn off my brain. It just keeps going and going and going...

I am always brimming with thoughts, ideas, etc. and sometimes it even causes me to lose sleep! But you know what? I praise God for how He made me, because He chose this brain for me, and intends to use it for His good purposes. So I've decided to thank God for how He made me, instead of being down about all my weaknesses (it's certainly easier to be consumed with our weaknesses than to just enjoy who we are).

Today's Lifegiving Challenge is:

Sit down in the corner of your couch with a nice warm cup of coffee, a journal, pen, and a humble heart. Write down your thankfulness to God about how He made you, how He chose the intricate parts of your soul, mind, and heart. Give Him the glory for all your strengths and weaknesses. He knew what He was doing when he knitted you together, so warm up in His goodness, and enjoy who YOU are.

Tell us why you are thankful for the unique way He fashioned you.

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