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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our official debut!

Good morning! We are officially a "go!" As a young (ahem) woman and stay-at-mom with two little ones, I often find myself in desperate need of friendship, help, encouragement, motivation, and a brain! Do you ever feel like this? After stumbling downstairs in the dark before the sun rises (goal), trying not to wake the kiddos, I want to pour myself a strong, smooth cup of coffee (which by the way is more than a drink to me, it’s an experience!), curl up, and with a couple of clicks on the mouse, find the above "needs" to help me begin and get through my day. Don’t get me wrong, my ultimate source of life must come from my "corner in the couch" time with Jesus first thing. He gives me the true rest and refreshment I need to survive on a daily basis. After that however, I want to sit down and read the news, find encouragement, practical, "life giving" tips to bring value to my family and home, creative things to do with my toddler, poetry, art, articles that teach and inspire, date ideas, "how-to’s", and a community of women who understand the ups, downs, and sometimes crazy loops of being a wife and mom. Thus, "Like a warm cup of coffee" was born (or, brewed I should say). It is my genuine desire that this place will be a blessing to you, as well as an outlet. So, grab your cup of joe and let’s journey together!

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